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Product Introduction
SCR transformer rectifier controls the on-off Angle of the thyristor through the comparison between the feedback signal and the given signal, so as to realize the function of constant current or constant voltage on the output. This type of power supply can achieve more accurate constant potential control.Generally used in manned environments
Product Parameter
1.Technical conditions
1.1 Working temperatures锛?25鈩儈+50鈩?/p>
1.2 Humidness锛氣墹90%
1.3 Installation inclination锛氣墹50
1.4 Altitude锛氣墹2000m
1.5 No flammable, explosive or seriously corroded metal gas place
2.Electrical parameters
2.1 AC input voltage: three phase/one-phase,380V/230V 50Hz/60HZ
2.2 DC output voltage锛欴C0~60A锛圕an be customized according to customer needs锛?/p>
2.3 DC output current锛欴C~50V锛圕an be customized according to customer needs锛?/p>
2.4 Ripple coefficient锛歊ipple coefficient 鈮?% when at 100% of output potential
2.5 Cooling mode:air - cooled
2.6 Protection grade: IP55
2.7 Protection mode: over voltage/over current/over potential/under potential/high temperature alarm
2.8 Adjustment range: 0~100% continuously adjustable
Product feature and application
SCR transformer rectifier is a rectifier composed of silicon controlled, trigger circuit, PI regulating circuit, main power transformer and other main components.It mainly controls the on-off Angle of the SCR through the feedback signal and the given signal, so as to realize the constant current or constant voltage function of the output.
Deliver,shipping and serving
1. Consulting and training of cathodic protection technology.
2. On-site test, design, construction and technical service of impressed current and sacrificial anode protection system.Transformer Rectifier suppliers


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